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Life Gear Led Red Waterproof Reusable Glow Stick

Life Gear Led Red Waterproof Reusable Glow Stick


Warm Bright Light -- Light up the night -- and your location -- with a warm color-saturated glow. Battery operated and made of non-toxic materials, you'll reuse this glow stick for many occasions, from concerts to amusement parks to camping and boating.

Life+Gear patented glow stick design not only provides hours of enjoyment and convenience every day, but also the versatility that roadside assistance teams rely on for safety. Built right in, you?ll get:

  • 200+ hours of warm flashing light
  • Nontoxic materials
  • Reusable: Free replacement batteries offered through the Life +Gear Battery Recycle Program

Whether stashed in your purse, hanging from your kid's backpacks or bundled in your roadside emergency kit, the Life+Gear GlowTM Stick anywhere without.


  • LED glow stick, safety flasher, and flashlight and whistle all in one.
  • Environmentally friendly: reusable, long-lasting, battery powered. No chemicals. Nontoxic.
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Long-lasting: lasts 200 or more hours in flasher mode.
  • 3 AG-13 replaceable batteries included.
  • Life-Gear FREE Battery Replacement Program included
  • Lightweight. Has easy-to-press on-off button.
  • Three colors available: blue, red, green.
  • Warm LED lightbulb used (not harsh blue LED light).
  • Detachable lanyard (~15 inches) included.
  • The product is 7 inches long
  • Submersible up to 300 Feet


  • Long-lasting color-saturated glow for fun, emergency, and everyday convenience.


  • Warm white light illuminates your path, map, trunk or book. The LED light bulb is replaceable.


  • 200+ hours of flashing glow provide fun, decoration, or safety in case of emergency.


  • The whistle is attached to the end of the glow stick and has a movable cap to keep it clean. Blow into the whistle for a loud sound to send an alert or warning.