Lightstar Corporation Filter For Tt-5 And Tdr-2

Lightstar Corporation Filter For Tt-5 And Tdr-2


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Get more out of your Terralux TT-5 or TDR-2 flashlight by adding a filter. Terralux now offers filters in red, blue, green, and a white diffuser option for these two lights.

Red Filters are commonly used for close range and non-tactical applications like map reading. Unlike white light, the red light is likely the best option for preserving and protecting the quality of night-adapted vision. It reduces the intensity of the light output so as to not jeopardize a soldier or officer’s strategic position.

Blue Filters are great accessories for forensics and crime scene investigators and hunters when tracking a blood trail. Blood shows up very well against foliage under blue light. Blue is also the ideal option for navigation and maps reading since it does a remarkable job at making contoured lines on maps really stand out.

Green Filters are primarily used for hunting and hiking situations. It can also be used for map reading as well. The green beam that the flashlight will produce won’t frighten animals or attract insects. A green filter will be the brightest and lowest light intensity option in the forest.

The White Diffuser takes the super bright beam of the TT-5 and TDR-2 beam and diffuses it.