Lightstar Corporation Led Conversion Kits



Is your current flashlight leaving you in the dark? With an LED Conversion Kit from TerraLUX, you can turn your incandescent or halogen lamp into a searchlight-bright LED flashlight and never have to worry about replacing a bulb again. Why convert? LED bulbs won't burn out or break like other bulbs, especially since TerraLUX LED conversion kits are inherently shock resistant. LED technology provides a brighter, more uniform, white light beam compared to the dull, yellow light from other bulbs. They also don't need as much power, so your flashlight will last noticeably longer before needing fresh batteries.

MiniStar ST-EX

  • Upgrades the Streamlight® Stinger® and Polystinger® flashlights
  • 300 Lumens
  • Single mode
  • 2 hour runtime
  • Medium beam pattern

MiniStar SRN

  • Upgrades the Streamlight® Strion® Flashlight
  • 200 Lumens
  • Single mode
  • 3.5+ hour runtime
  • Medium beam pattern

MiniStar 110S/MM

  • Upgrades the Streamlight SL20X/ 20X LED®
  • Available in Single (110) and Multi-Mode (110-MM)
  • 600/300 Lumens
  • Single/Tri-mode with Moonlight Mode
  • 1.5 hour Hi/ 6 hour Med/ 24 hour Lo runtime
  • Narrow beam pattern