Logistics Supply Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask


Backordered. Available to ship in 10-15 business days.

The MSA Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask is Effective against biological agents and certain chemical warfare agents such as Sarin and Mustard Chemicals. Testing conducted by MSA and independent laboratories assures that the gas mask and canister meets the requirements for effectiveness against C.W. agents using CASHPAC-recommended test protocols.

  • Also effective against O.C. Riot Control Agent and HCN, but has not been tested or approved by N.I.O.S.H. for these applications
  • Advantage 1000 CBA-RCA Gas Mask comes with complete with canister, nosecup, and identification tag
  • Each Advantage 1000 comes with a 1502 filter
  • Flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens with a wide field of vision is bonded to durable Hycar rubber face piece (based on a proven facepiece design developed for the U.S. Armed Forces)
  • Up to 40% lighter than conventional full-face respirators
  • Dual-canister mount (bayonet mount) allows weapon sighting from either shoulder
  • Fully elastic, 6-point head harness promotes easy on-off, easy adjustment, no hair pulling
  • Standard nosecup hel(more...)