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BLI International Marine ProMax Series II

BLI International Marine ProMax Series II


 With Priority Start! You can Sit and listen to the radio, run your lights, operate any electrical accessory, all while you enjoy boating without getting stuck with a dead battery. Even if you leave a light or radio on when you leave your boat at the dock, no worries!
Priority Start! monitors the battery's voltage when key is off, it senses if a drain is taking place that would kill the battery's starting power, then automatically disconnects the load leaving starting power. You simply turn the key or operate a light switch Priority Start! Automatically reconnects and you start your boat.
Priority Start! 12-Volt Marine keeps you safe on the water while maximizing your battery life, your time and your dollars spent.

It provides:
•Safety, Security, Peace of Mind, Savings
•Totally Automatic (unlike battery master switch)
•Minimizes stress level, Maximize battery life, Environmentally friendly
•Simple 1,2,3 installation (see installation video on website)
•No hard wiring

Waterproof system (hermetically sealed) specially designed for marine environment. maintenance-free, works on standard or wing nut/post battery's. Handles 1,000 starting amps. For use on most fishing boats, auxiliary engines, commercial vessels, recreational boats, and smaller sporting boats. UL Tested, ISO, CE, SAE, and USCG Certified