Monadnock Detective Series Friction Lock Baton, Black Chrome, 21, Black Chrome, Foam Grip, Standard Tip


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Three-stage steel friction lock baton with hardened shafts and ball tip, firm foam grip over electroless nickel plated handle, precision parallel swages, bore guide end cap, black chrome finish on shafts, ball tip and end cap. Premium quality with a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee.

  • Material: Hardened, aircraft quality 4130 cold drawn condition seamless alloy steel tubing (A.S.T.M.-A-519)
  • Hardness: Striking surface hardened and then tempered to 48-54 Rockwell C Scale to relieve brittleness
  • Tensile Strength: 240,000-290,000 psi
  • Length Opened: 16", 21", 26"
  • Retention Clip: Nickel plated, attached to end cap bore guide with a solid rivet; assembly is replaceable
  • Ball Tip Construction: Machined, hardened steel (RC 39-45), 5/8" diameter black chromate on nickel
  • Overall Corrosion Resistance: Baton will exceed 24-hour A.S.T.M.-B117 salt spray test
  • Quality Control Program:
  • In-process inspection at every operation plus 100% inspect and testing prior to shipment
  • In-process inspection consistent with US Department of Defense MIL-STD-105E and United Kingdom Defense Ministry specification DEF-131-A
  • All 4130 steel tubing has mill certification including the chemical analysis of steel
  • Warranty: All Monadnock expandable police batons have a repair or replacement guarantee, under normal field use, against breaking, bending, torn grip, and if rust or corrosion prevents the baton from functioning
  • Liability Insurance: $3,000,000
  • Litigation Support: Monadnock has provided expert testimony on behalf of police officers and agencies for more than 25 years
  • Handle:
  • Surface: Firm foam grip 1-1/16" diameter, tear strength minimum 82 pounds per linear inch, installed over knurled handle surface to eliminate slippage
  • Tubing: 7/8" outside diameter, 14 gauge (.083" wall thickness)
  • Length: 8 "
  • Coating: Electroless nickel plating
  • Middle Shaft:
  • Tubing: 5/8" outside diameter, 16 gauge (.065" wall thickness)
  • Length: 7-5/8"
  • Coating: Black chrome or bright chrome
  • Small Shaft:
  • Tubing: 7/16" outside diameter, 14 gauge (.083 wall thickness)
  • Length: 8-" (6- for 16" baton)
  • Coating: Black chrome or bright chrome
  • End Cap:
  • Construction: Machined steel with integral bore guide (bore guide centers small shaft during closure to prevent retention clip breakage) male threads with O-ring seal between the cap and handle
  • Coating: Black chrome plating