Veho External Microphone For Muvi K-Series Handsfree Camera


Record high quality stereo sounds with the new MUVI™ K-Series external microphone from Veho.

The extra-long 2m cable is long enough to ensure that you can mount the microphone in as many different positions as possible, and the handy crocodile clip included means that the microphone can be mounted easily on clothes, outdoor gear, or in a car if you want to capture higher quality sound when your K-Series is mounted in the case or even in windy conditions.

The MUVI™ K-Series external microphone also comes with a screw cap that secures to the external cap of the K-Series waterproof case to ensure that the microphone stays in place when the camera is in the protective housing. Please note that the microphone is NOT waterproof and your case will NOT be waterproof while the microphone is connected to it, however your case will still protect your MUVI™ K-Series otherwise.

The protective cover on the microphone helps reduce wind noise and distortion, so you will only hear the sound that you want. The external microphone is fully compatible with every camera in the K-Series range.


  • Record high quality stereo sounds for production quality sound
  • Extra-long 2m cable and handy crocodile clip for easy mounting
  • Screw cap that secures onto the outside of the MUVI K-Series waterproof case
  • Reduces wind noise and distortion with the microphone cover, included
  • Compatible with all of the MUVI™ K-Series range


  • MUVI™ K-Series External Microphone (camera is NOT included)