Veho Large Pole/Bar Mount For MUVI or MUVI HD Cameras


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Attach your MUVI™ or MUVI™ HD camera to larger handlebars, roll bars, boat masts or any diameter tubes ranging from 16mm to 58mm. The large pole/bar mount is ideal for clamping almost anywhere and is completely compatible with the MUVI™ cradle mount that comes with your MUVI™ or MUVI™ HD camera or using with the tripod mount and waterproof case.

The large pole/bar mount is perfect for mounting ski/surf/snowboard racks, roll cages/bars, bike handlebars, and bike frames. The large pole/bar mount ships with a tripod mount and 2 rubberized bands to help secure your mount and prevent damage so you can position your MUVI™ camera at any angle you want. The MUVI™ large pole/bar mount is also compatible with any of the MUVI™ Waterproof Cases so is perfect for use in any weather conditions. GET OUTSIDE AND GET DIRTY!


  • Fully adjustable pole/bar mount with a diameter ranging from 16mm – 58mm
  • Perfect for clamping to any part of a bike, car roll bars, and ski/surf/snowboard racks
  • Ships with a tripod mount for compatibility with MUVI™ and MUVI™ HD Waterproof Cases
  • Compatible with all MUVI™ HD and other lesser action cameras as well as regular self-timer cameras
  • Strong robust redesign built to withstand hard and fast movements


  • MUVI™ Large Pole/Bar Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • 2 Rubberized Bands