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Veho Pebble Verto Portable Charger


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The powerful Veho PEBBLE™ Verto portable battery charger is the must have accessory to keep all your mobile devices full of charge. It packs a 3700mAh, which is over 2 times the regular battery of the Apple iPhone or Smartphone. That means it will keep your devices on the go and you won't have to worry about running low on juice.

The PEBBLE™ Verto is perfect for tailgating, camping trips, road trips, or as an emergency power pack for those busy days when your device's battery just can't keep up. The PEBBLE™ Verto will charge almost any portable device with connectors for the most popular Smartphones/USB charged devices/Veho MUVI™ and 360° range.

Simply charge your PEBBLE™ Verto up via USB and use the various adapters to keep all your mobile devices charged up. The PEBBLE™ Verto has a new smaller ‘credit card’ sized footprint that is perfectly portable and comes with 4 tips, a charging cable and a neoprene pouch to carry it all.

*Please note that this product does NOT include the Apple Lightning connector*


  • Charges the most popular mobile devices including Smartphones, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, gaming and USB charged devices
  • Mini credit card sized(more...)