Veho Waterproof Case For MUVI K-Series Handsfree Camera


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The MUVI™ K-Series waterproof case allows the K-Series to be fully functional for both filming and photography.

Simply fit your K-Series into the waterproof case and your camera will be protected from bumps and shocks as well as waterproof down to 100m. While fitted in the waterproof case, the K-Series remains functional with 2 buttons for operation of filming and photography. The waterproof case has a standard ¼ inch tripod mount for mounting on the Veho DuoPod and all the MUVI™ mounting systems and a port access point for power and microphone access. The K-Series waterproof case includes 2 backdoors for use with or without the removable LCD screen.


  • Compatible with all K-Series and waterproof to depths of 100m
  • Fitted with 2 buttons meaning fully operational for filming and photography
  • Fitted with standard tripod mount for mounting purposes
  • Waterproof access point to enable access to power and microphone ports when used outside the water
  • Includes 2 backdoors for use with or without the removable LCD screen


  • 1 MUVI™ K-Series Waterproof Case
  • 2 MUVI™ K-Series Waterproof Case Doors