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Nupla Nupole Fire Pole System

Nupla Nupole Fire Pole System


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The Nupole Fire Pole System, from Nupla®, combines the best heads and handle extensions for the one tool you have to have in a hurry!
  • Customizable fire pole tools
  • Pike Head
  • Ventilation Hook Head
  • Ceiling/Wall Hook Head
  • Handle extensions are available from 2' to 8'
  • Handle extensions have connectors at both ends for attaching the head and grips quickly and efficiently
  • Extension Pole lengths: 2', 3', 4', 8'
  • 3' Grip end attachments: Butt, Steel D, Aluminum D
  • 3' Head attachments:
  • Pike
  • Ventilation Hook
  • Ceiling/Wall Hook
  • Fire Rake
  • Fire Swatter
  • All fiberglass handles have a lifetime warranty
  • Assembled in the USA