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Oakley Prizm Ballistic Det Cord Matte Black

Oakley Prizm Ballistic Det Cord Matte Black


Lens Color
TR 22
TR 22 Black Iridium
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The PRIZM line represents Oakley’s top of the line lens which is set to create a new standard in lens quality. PRIZM increases the vision of the naked eye. PRIZM lenses tune light to maximize contrast.

America’s favorite brand of glasses is both versatile and stylish. Now with the PRISM Ballistic Det Cord glasses you can’t go wrong even at the range. With Oakley’s new PRIZM Daily Lens technology, these glasses improve the user’s visual contrast and depth perception better then the naked eye. These glasses are more than just your typical range glasses; you’ll find yourself wearing them throughout the day.

  • Oakley SI Prizm™ technology uses formulated dye compounding technology, producing a color-tuned lens specifically for shooting
  • Lenses boost visual recognition of targets while blocking a variety of neighboring backgrounds such as dirt, trees and sky
  • Lenses allow the shooter to reduce eye fatigue and strain, while improve the ability to see reticle patterns under scope more clearly
  • All available lenses are made from Plutonite®, Oakley’s high purity optical grade polycar(more...)