Pf Distribution Center Safety Light, Pf-200R 6 Pack, Rechargeable Rcr123, Red Led, Yellow Case


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PowerFlare PF200R 6-Pack Rechargeable System Red LEDs

The Power Flare PF-200R 6-Pack Rechargeable System comes with six of the PF-200R beacons in a rugged recharging case. The recharger is plugged into a vehicle hot point (12-30VDC), using a power cord that is included. With the purchase of an optional AC/DC power supply adapter for charging in a building, the recharger can be plugged into a 120VAC receptacle.This System is designed to be used on a regular basis and kept on charge between uses. The single RCR123 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is replaceable at the end of its useful life (usually 2-4 years). Comes in hard, yellow case.