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PGI Bandanna, Carbon Shield, Black

PGI Bandanna, Carbon Shield, Black


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Carbon Shield is a flame-resistant fabric based on carbon fiber CarbonX® technology.
  • CarbonShield has an L.O.I. over 50% higher than Nomex® and 33% higher than P.B.I./FR/Rayon blends
  • Non-flammable and melt-proof
  • Glows, but will not burn in extreme heat or flame
  • Deposits no tar
  • Retains a certain tenacity at temperatures exceeding 2300°F for 90 seconds
  • Has low-heat conductivity
  • Over 20% lighter than most N.F.P.A. compliant hoods, yet has an excellent T.P.P. rating of 28
  • Remains supple and soft after exposure to fire, as well as repeated washing and drying
  • Will not fade or weaken when exposed to UV rays
  • Allows 200% stretch and recovery
  • Wicks moisture away from the skin to the outer shell for rapid evaporation
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors
  • Color: Natural Black
  • Note: Flame resistance is commonly measured by the highest L.O.I., the amount of oxygen needed to support combustion. The higher the L.O.I. value, the more flame-resistant the material