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PGI Cobra Elite Sure-Fit Style Fire Hood, Para-Tek Fr Tri-Blend, Heather Gray


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  • Material : Para-Tek FR1/2Tri-Blend
  • Arc Rating : 34.4
  • HRC Rating : 3

Double ply hood, with Extra Long Double ply bib, two piece overall design with notched shoulders

  • Double-ply hood with 3" wide panel for contoured fit
  • XL length covers chest, shoulders and shoulder blades
  • Tapered back and notched shoulder design helps bib
    lie flat in front and back
  • Flat stitched seams
  • X-heavy 1/2" wide elasticized face opening
  • Cover stitched bound drape

This blend leverages the benefits of three fibers - High Strength ParaAramid,  FR Rayon and High Tenacity Nylon. The end result is a mid-weight,breathable hood that offers excellent flame resistance and arc protection. Other properties of Para-Tek FR Tri-Blend include:

  • Highest arc rating for a lightweight hood (34.4, Level 3)
  • Excellent flame resistance 1/2 char length is 1/3 that of Nomex/Lenzing blends and 1/2 that of carbon blends
  • Extremely durable
  • Outstanding comfort 1/2 excellent moisture management
  • Heather green color
  • Resists shrinkage when exposed to heat and flame


  • Both outer shell and lining are FR Rayon, Para-Aramid, High-Tenacity Nylon - approx. 6 oz sq yd
  • 1 x 1 rib knit fabric - knit to allow approx. 130% stretch for maximum stretch and recov1/2ery.
  • Calendared to minimize laundry shrinkage.

Fabric Performance:

  • Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV)34.4
  • Thermal Protection Performance (TPP)
    • Initial (seconds)32.4
    • After 5 washings (seconds)34.8
    • *TPP at heat flux of 2.0 cal/cm2 sec
  • After Flame
    • Initial (Inches)0x0
  • Warp(wales)xFill (Courses)
    • After 5 washings (seconds)0x0
  • Char Length
    • Initial (inches)0.5 x 0.8
    • After 5 washings (inches)0.4 x 0.5
  • Fabric Burst Strength (N)432.6
  • Seam Burst Strength (N)807
  • Heat and Thermal Shrinkage
    • After 5 washings0.30%
  • Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)29
  • Melt or Drip when exposed to flame None

Stitch Types and Seams:

  • All stitching conforms to federal Standard 751 Specifications (FED-STD-751).
  • Top is flat seam assembled  stitch type 607.
  • Bib assembly seams are serged with 503 stitch type and then reinforced with top and bottom cover- stitch, stitch type 605.
  • Elastic in face opening is serged in with stitch type 503 and reinforced with bottom cover-stitch, stitch type 406.
  • Bound bib is cover-stitched with 406 stitch type.


  • All seams are sewn with 100% Nomex thread size 45/3


  • Composed of a two layer top, bib and 31/2 wide Sure-Fit1/2panel for improved comfort, fit and performance.
  • Top is seamed from top of face opening to bib in back with a six thread flat seam for comfort.  Bib is assembled and joined around circumference of top with two thread serge and then 5 thread cover-stitched for extra strength.Face opening is circular in shape and serged with x-heavy duty 1/2" wide elastic around the perimeter.  The elastic is then folded back 1/2" and cover stitched.  The face opening stretches a full 16" (which is 25% more than conventional hoods) for easy donning and a snug fit around face of SCBA mask.  Face opening maintains original shape after repeated launderings.
  • The bottom edge of bib is bound with self-material bias binding and contoured at shoulders allowing the hood to drape on the chest and back for maximum coverage.

 /></p><ul><li>1.) Face opening is circular and measures between 4.6

  • 2.) Length of hood below face opening approx. 11"
  • 3.) Length of hood at side from top to bottom approx. 15"
  • 4.) Length of hood at back from top to bottom approx. 19"
  • Size:

    • One size hood fits all

    Labeling and User Information

    • Each hood is clearly labeled to identify material contents, NFPA acceptance, UL Classification, Date of Manufacture, and Care Instructions.  Affixed to each hood is a complete users information guide.

    Meets or exceeds industry standards

    • UL classified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971- Current Edition; Compliant with CAL-OSHA, , Sections 3406 and 3410(d) and OSHA Rule 29 CFR, Part 1910, 269.  Compliant with NFPA 70E 2004 Edition and meets performance specifications of ASTM-F-1506.  ARC Rating: 23.3 1/2 Hazard / Risk Category 1/2 2.