PGI Cobra NextGen Hood w/ Comfort Plus Lining


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PGI identified some 40 years ago that a flame resistant hood was an integral component of a firefighters personal protective ensemble. It’s only fitting that the originator of the first firefighting hood would develop a new generation of firefighting hoods for today's first responders. PGI builds off the winning performance of their Cobra Ultimate hood line to create Cobra NextGen Hoods featuring an innovative design that combines exceptional fit, superior performance and unsurpassed comfort.


  • Redesign of popular Cobra Ultimate SureFit hood.
  • Comfort plus™ lining
    • A high-tech lining made from inherently flame resistant NOMEX® and LENZING FR®
    • Makes hood softer and more breathable
    • Wicks moisture away from skin, keeping you dry
    • Feels cooler in hot environments and warmer in cold environments
  • Added 6" to width for exceptional shoulder coverage and reduction of bunching at chest and back.
  • Increased width of Sure-Fit panel by 1.25" for a more comfortable fit over SCBA mask and mask hardware.
  • Added 2" to the length ensuring complete chest coverage and that the hood stays tucked in even after laundering shrinkage (5" longer than NFPA requires).
  • Contours better to the shape of the head for improved fit and comfort.
  • Fuller cut builds a little “ease” into the hood so it doesn’t fit skin tight like typical hoods. This more generous cut gives hood improved thermal resistance from flame and heat due to the extra space (layer of air) between hood and head.