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Precon 8.5 Oz Kitchen Fire Blanket 35" X 32"

Precon 8.5 Oz Kitchen Fire Blanket 35" X 32"


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As seen on The Today Show! The Kovenex Kitchen Fire Blanket's unique properties make it ideal for extinguishing typical kitchen grease fires, venting hot vapors slowly until a safe temperature is reached and the chance for re-ignition is all but eliminated. Lightweight and easy to store, the Kovenex Kitchen Fire Blanket gives you a vital tool to respond to a sudden grease fire and safely secure your kitchen and home.
  • Why Kovenex? "Kovenex is the only fabric on the market today that will not burn yet will protect against extreme heat that will cause burns."
  • The Kovenex Kitchen Fire Blanket provides you with your single best chance of extinguishing a kitchen grease fire or other small blaze before it spreads out of control
  • Fires in the home can have many different causes. Kovenex Fire Blankets are ideal for extinguishing small fires, such as those caused by:
  • Burning candles
  • Appliance malfunction
  • Unattended cigarette
  • High-intensity lamp
  • Cooking or grease fire accident
  • Kovenex Fire Blankets is manufactured from a special patented blend of high-performance fibers. This technology enables the Kovenex Blanket to be fire-resistant, as well as heat-blocking
  • Kovenex Fire Blankets provide true flame resistance, heat-blocking burn protection and superior tear resistance based on N.F.P.A. test methods used in certifying firemen's turnout gear
  • Machine washable
  • Reusable
  • Fabric blend will not emit toxic fumes when exposed to flames
  • Extinguishes flames by depriving them of oxygen
  • Allows hot vapors to escape through the breathable fabric
  • Fire may discolor the fabric, but Kovenex Fire Blankets will not burn
  • Blanket measures 35" x 32"
  • Test Results for 7 oz. Kovenex Fire Blanket Fabric:
  • Test 1: Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)
  • The minimum rating for firemen's protective gear is 35
  • NFPA tests of the 8.5 oz. Kovenex Fire Blanket resulted in a TPP of approximately 18
  • Traditional fire-retardant wool blankets flamed and melted away
  • Conclusion: The patented fiber blend in the Kovenex Fire Blanket delivers breakthrough performance in flame resistance and heat blocking
  • Test 2: Heat and Thermal Shrinkage:
  • When placed in a chamber at 500ºF (260ºC) for five minutes, the Kovenex Fire Blanket became slightly discolored with minor shrinkage
  • By comparison, wool blankets smoked heavily, blackened and virtually disintegrated when removed from the chamber
  • Conclusion: The Kovenex Blanket far surpasses the performance of traditional treated wool blankets
  • Are you a Fire Department applying for a Fire Prevention & Grant (FP&S) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)? If so, you should request funding for Kovenex Blankets for your department and your community!
  • Requesting Kovenex Blankets will make your FP&S application stand out to the application reviewers
  • Kovenex Blankets are also available for nurseries, kitchens, and businesses, making this a perfect product for community fire safety programs