Precon Ems Rapid Response Fire Blanket 75" X 57"


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Next-generation fire blanket keeps body heat in, searing heat out! The Rapid Response fire blanket is designed for professional rescue teams and first responders. Soft and lightweight enough for a baby to sleep under, tough enough to snuff out a flame. Perfect for police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and life flight helicopters.
  • "First responders are embracing Kovenex across the board." Why should your department switch to Kovenex blankets? Find out in this 30-second video:

  • Video in Adobe Flash format (requires Adobe Flash Player)First Responders: Watch this video (Flash format) about why the Kovenex Blanket is essential equipment for crash, extrication, fire and other incidents
  • Kovenex Blankets provide true flame resistance, heat-blocking burn protection and superior tear resistance based on N.F.P.(more...)