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Pro Gard Products Motorcycle Gun Rack For Harley Davidson Police Package

Pro Gard Products Motorcycle Gun Rack For Harley Davidson Police Package


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Having the best protection is important for all of your patrol officers, including your mounted patrols. But historically, motor patrol officers have been limited in their weapon options given the size of their bikes and the storage solutions that are available. Pro-gard’s Motorcycle Mount Gun Racks provide your officer with the ability to not only carry a long weapon, but also gives them the added security of our locking gun racks.

This Gun Rack can accomodate collapsed stock ARs with a maximum overall length of 27¼” discretely and securely inside the high-side saddle bag of the motorcycle. These racks come with Pro-gard's 8 second delay timer and momentary switch that can be hidden on the bike to the officers preference. To add even more convenience, they’ve also included a unique magazine holder so that officers can easily access a replacement in the heat of the moment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fits Colt "Commando" M4 Carbine or variant (maximum 27¼" overall weapon length with stock collapsed) and additional magazine
  • No holes drilled - easy installation with minimal down time
  • Fits inside FLHP Series, Harley Davidson Saddlebags, fits high-side saddlebag only
  • Foam padded gun locks prevent road rattle and scuffs on weapon components
  • Durable, powder coated, steel construction resists corrosion and moisture
  • 8 second delay timer included which allows for quick access to weapon with the touch of button or handcuff key override.
  • Weapon is secured in lock unless momentary switch is depressed or key override is used; you choose where to mount the delay
  • Replacement magazine holder conveniently secures an extra, loaded magazine keeping it quick and easy to find when needed
  • Charging bracket prevents weapon from sliding out of mount
  • Fits Harley Davidson Police Package, High Side Saddlebags from 1994-2013