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Pro Gard Products Prisoner Transport Lighting

Pro Gard Products Prisoner Transport Lighting


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Illuminating the prisoner transport area is simple with Pro-gard's easy to install LED Prisoner Transport lighting. Low profile lights provide either brilliant white light for harsh contrast lighting or ambient red lighting that won’t irritate eyes that have grown accustom to darkness.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight, smooth, low-profile design mounts to the headliner and doesn’t protrude into the seating area, causing potential hazards for placing prisoner
    • 3” diameter
    • 7/16” height
  • Mounts directly to the headliner, requiring no cut-outs for a quick and easy installation
    • Small wire access hole and two mounting holes are all that is required to mount
  • 6 Super-LED diodes per light, sold in pairs with 15′ lead wire and three way rocker switch with three settings:
    • White, 250 lumen output for optimal lighting
    • Red, 140 lumen output for ambient nighttime lighting that won’t irritate eyes
    • Off
  • Rubber flange mount included for a finished look when installed
  • Minimal .31 amp draw with 250 lumen white output /140 lumen red output
  • Durable Construction
    • Moisture and vibration resistant
    • LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of use
    • Lightweight, rust resistant, aluminum housing
  • Rubber Flange Mount Included