BLI International 12v ProMax H.D.

BLI International 12v ProMax H.D.


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 The 12V ProMax H.D. from Priority Start! is the only automatic computerized on/off protection system for your battery, alternator, and electrical system on the market today. It recognizes when your battery's voltage drops to 11.7 volts, and then disconnects so that the battery's voltage can recover. The 12V ProMax H.D. offers heavier load capacity (up to 1,600 starting amps/400 continuous amps) for the effectiveness you want.

60% increase to contact disc
60% increase to spine gear & holding nut
40% increase to jack screw
40% increase to buss fuses
Heavier ground wire connector thicker/stronger for heavier duty vehicles
Top post contact material raised/increased to improve GM connections
Gear cover for added strength & durability
Motor cover for added strength & durability
Higher intensity LED on top, improved visibility
Redesigned circuit board