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Redman Xp Instructor Suit, Red

Redman Xp Instructor Suit, Red


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Ideal for Defensive Tactics Trainers. Its mobility and form-fitting design enable you to engage in a wide range of training activities. Gaps are minimized and coverage is maximized. With the right training, knowledge and gear, you can take strike after strike.

  • Engage in a wide range of training activities, with the confidence of being covered by the industry's premiere blunt trauma training gear
  • Full-body coverage, minimal gaps
  • Full coverage to the head, face, throat, and back of head
  • Ripped-look plastic disperses impact
  • Easily cleaned, disinfected and dried after each use
  • If you need to change instructors, you can do so easily and provide a clean, dry, disinfected suit in 5 minutes
  • Easy Hook and Loop strapping design makes(more...)