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ResQMe Res-Q-Me Tool

ResQMe Res-Q-Me Tool


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A small personal safety tool that can save your life! Designed to work in emergency situations, the RES-Q-ME tool pops out windows and cuts through vehicle seat belts to quickly extricate yourself from an impaired vehicle. Made in the USA.

    • Intended to be placed with your car keys
    • Contains a spring-loaded, carbon-tipped stainless steel pin that will break any tempered glass window with a force of 12 lbs. or less
    • Stainless steel blade cuts through automobile seat belt and other web material
    • Break apart design allows the tool to be quickly removed from key ring or where ever it is attached
    • Does not cause injury if accidentally activated against skin
    • Only 3" long

  • Customer Testimonials: "After receiving my new Res-Q-Me, I placed it on my seat without giving it much thought. On a call later that day, a woman had locked her children in her car – both were less than 3-years old and in distress. We attempted to get in with a Slim Jim and could not. At that time, I remembered and grabbed the Res-Q-Me. Within seconds, I broke the window out and recovered the distressed children. It worked so well I will be ordering 13 more of these today." – Chief Shelton, Mayodan Police Dept., Mayodan, NC
  • To use window punch: Position the punch in the lower right or left corner of the glass. This allows the punch to fracture the edge, which will shatter the glass and not just make a dent in safety glass
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