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Rigid Ultra Handcuffs, Aluminum Bow

Rigid Ultra Handcuffs, Aluminum Bow


When you need to maintain control the ASP Rigid Handcuffs are your solution. These cuffs are lightweight while still maintaining their strength and they are designed for complete subject control. The design provides a secure structure that allows an officer to stabilize a subject without impact. The rigid configuration offers the most restrictive structure of the ASP Tactical Series to date. These cuffs are designed to incorporate transport chains with ease and precision.

The ASP Rigid Handcuffs feature a reinforced bridge in the center of an ergonomic grip and ultimate control. The contoured hand guard keeps a clear path to the bow guides so there is no delay in getting the cuffs on an inmate or assailant. As with all ASP Tactical Handcuffs, the Rigid design incorporates a forged 7075 alloy frame, dual keyway, high visibility double lock indicator, high contact conical bow, rounded edges, increased range of adjustment for both large and small wrists, smooth bow action and single direction unlock. The rounded edge design reduces injury potential from excessive lateral stress. These cuffs are thin and lightweight yet strong and durable.

  • Forged 7075 Alloy frame
  • Dual Keyway with highly visible double lock indicator
  • High contact conical aluminum bow with rounded edges (also called radiused edges)
  • High range of adjustment for both large and small wrists
  • Smooth bow action for ease and speed in locking cuffs on
  • Single direction unlock
  • Replaceable Lock Set
  • Reinforced bridge
  • Length: 9.125"
  • Width: 3.125"
  • Weight: only 10.5 ounces!