SafariLand Drop Flex Adapter With Leg Shroud & Qls 22 Attached


  • Allows the user to wear a rig below the hip without shifting weight further down the leg
  • Keeps rig from sliding on belt
  • Can be used on belt widths up to 2.25" (58mm)
  • For use in conjunction with the current 6004 or 6005 leg shroud

The 6004-DFA is designed to be attached to the Single Strap LegShroud. The 6004-DFA can be purchased in a variety of ways, either separately, on a Single Strap Leg Shroud or in conjunction with the MLS or QLS Receiver Plates. Part numbers and descriptions are below on how to purchase the 6004-DFA pieces. Information on how to purchase the6004-DFA with a holster is also listed.