SafariLand 6360 Als Level III Retention Duty Holster, Black


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The Safariland Model 6360 ALS? Level III Retention? Duty Holster secures your weapon in every direction. The automatic locking system instantly secures your weapon in all directions when it’s re-holstered.

  • Just pull back on the hood to activate the SLS (Self-Locking System)
  • Won’t keep you from responding quickly to any situation
  • To draw your weapon, simply push down and rotate forward as you grip your weapon and bring it into position with a simple, straight-up draw
  • Slim, compact holster design allows your weapon to ride close to your body
  • Thumb-operable ergonomic design
  • Constructed of Safari-Laminate? to protect your handgun
  • Injection-molded-jacket-slot UBL (Universal Belt Loop) for extra durability and comfort
  • Specify gun make, model, holster finish and left or right hand
  • Color: Black
  • Holster Finish: Plain, Basketweave, Hi-Gloss, STX Basketweave, STX Tactical