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Second Chance Body Armor Summit Sm02, Apex2 Carrier

Second Chance Body Armor Summit Sm02, Apex2 Carrier


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The Summit concealable vest from Second Chance® marks the peak of performance in armor, offering unparalleled comfort and exceptional ballistic protection. The Summit incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced exclusive materials, offering the softest most flexible armor, combined with uncompromised performance.


  • Core MatrixTechnology® – The use of Core Matrix Technology in this package provides a reduction in blunt trauma with increased ballistic and fragmentation resistance. This patented technology offers a soft flexible feel through the fusing of woven Twaron® aramids, establishing a reinforced structure.
  • Honeywell Spectra® – The Summit features exclusive Honeywell Spectra fibers confirmed to be one of the worlds strongest and lightest ballistic fibers, holding a molecular backbone that is fifteen times stronger than steel.
  • Honeywell Gold Shield® – This patented unidirectional aramid fiber provides substantially heightened protection against special threats, simultaneously offering excellent fragmentation defense and blunt trauma reduction without concession in comfort.