Sellmark Digisight N750 Digital Nv Riflescope


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The Pulsar Digisight N750 is engineered with the latest advancements in the electronics and optics fields, allowing for easy operation in daytime or complete darkness. Along with exceptional optical characteristics (50 mm focusable lens and 67 mm eye relief), the riflescope features a quick and effective one-shot zeroing method, offering less time to zero in and little room for error.

The laser IR-Illuminator, beneficial for use in low levels of ambient light, increases the viewing distance substantially. Equipped with three power levels, the IR illuminator provides bright light for a clear, precise focus on any size target from dusk until dawn. Additionally, the Sum Light™ function automatically increases CCD array sensitivity under low light conditions.

The N750 also features a high-power digital zoom capable of increasing the magnification from 4.5x to 6.75x. This feature aids during long-range shooting, offering a more precisely placed shot. Maximum detection range of the N750 is 600 meters is also perfect for long-range targets.

Product Features:

  • Fine image quality and resolution
  • One-shot zeroing
  • Long eye relief
  • Built-in IR laser with variable power
  • Resistant to bright light exposure
  • External power supply
  • Composite housing
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Wireless remote control
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Internal focusing
  • Additional weaver MIL-STD-1913 rail for accessories
  • Video output
  • Flip-up objective lens cover
  • Improved OLED display
  • Digital zoom (6.75x)

Product Specifications:

  • Generation: Digital
  • Magnification, x: 4.5/6.75x
  • Lens diameter, mm: 50
  • Field of view, angular degrees: 5°
  • Eye relief, mm: 67
  • Built-in IR flashlight, type: Laser 780nm
  • Resolution, lines per mm: 55
  • Max detection range, m*: 600
  • Diopter setting, D: ±4
  • Close-up range, m: 5
  • Operating voltage, V: 3.7...6 (4*AA)
  • External power supply, V/Consumption power, W: DC 9...15/3
  • Water intrusion rating (IEC 60529): IP44
  • Operating Temperature, °C: -20...+50
  • Dimensions, mm: 340x95x94
  • Operating time (without/with IR), hour: 4/3.5

* in normal nighttime conditions – (0.05 lux or quarter moon) with use of IR