Shelby Specialty Gloves ARFF Proximity Gloves


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The Shelby ARFF Proximity Gloves meets NFPA standards on Protective Ensemble for Proximity Fire Fighting.  These gloves are made from 7 oz. aluminized PBI/ Kevlar® that provides reflective, radiant heat protection on top, sides of the hand and between fingers.  It features Firewall Steam Block insulation pads that protect the back of the hand. Gloves are oversized with expandable pleat which allows better flex and back of hand insulative airspace.  Made in the USA.

  • 7oz. Aluminized PBK Kevlar Knit Outer Shell, 0.025” Thick
  • Flexible Please on Back of Hand
  • Thermal Liner:  12oz per square yard Tech Fleece. 6oz per square yard Kevlar and FR Lenzing Combined with 6oz per square yard Modacrylic Fleece.
  • Protective Barrier:  Crosstech PTFE Insert Fully Bonded to 12oz per square yard Tech Fleece.
  • Grip Patches:  3-3.5oz. Black Split Cowhide on Palm Side
  • Firewall Steamblock Insulative Pad Shall be a Fire Retardant Silicon Foam Elastomer with Integral Skin.  Firewall Steamblock Insulative Pad Attached to Glove Seams and Extends on Back of Glove to Crotches of Fingers.
  • Wristlet:  10.5oz. per yard, double ply black Nomex, 4” Length.
  • Wrist Pull:  3”x(more...)