Shelby Specialty Gloves FDP Elk/Pigskin Fire Gloves w/ Gore Rt7100 Glove Barrier, Gold/Black



With new Gore™ RT7100! Finally, a heavyweight fire-retardant glove that works as hard as you do, but without breaking the budget. Shelby FDP N.F.P.A. Gloves have revolutionized the Firefighter Glove Industry! "F" is for improved FIT by means of NEW patterns. "D" is for improved DURABILITY by means of leading barrier technologies. "P" is for improved PERFORMANCE by means of improved FIT and DURABILITY. Gauntlet or wristlet style.

  • Grain elk hide on the back
  • Abrasion-resistant brushed pigskin on the palm
  • Glove barrier made of new, N.F.P.A.-compliant Gore™ RT7100 fabric
  • Better fit and superior durability maximizes performance
  • FDP stands for "Fit + Dependability = Performance" – and that's exactly what you get with these gloves
  • Gore™ RT7100 waterproof, moisture barriers, which won't melt or degrade – nor will they crack or flake
  • Wristlet style has flame-retardant, double-ply Nomex® knit cuffs
  • Lock-stitch sewn with tough Kevlar® thread
  • Color: Gold/Black
  • F is for improved FIT by means of NEW patterns
  • New, more comfortable, wrap-around index fi(more...)