Silynx Clarus Xpr Smart Tactical Headset System


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CLARUS XPR is the latest addition to the CLARUS headset family, the world’s smallest and lightest tactical headset systems. With combat proven Silynx hearing protection and an in-ear microphone, the low-profile CLARUS XPR provides active protection from both impulse and steady-state noise and reliable, clear communications. Hear-thru technology and sound localization ensure that the user retains full situational awareness, in tune with ambient sounds. Compatible with a broad range of radios, CLARUS XPR can be configured to support one radio or both a radio and mobile phone. Available with either a fixed lead in-ear headset or a modular quick disconnect (QDC) headset adaptor, CLARUS XPR is a versatile, cost-effective, and durable headset solution.


  • Fixed Dual In-Ear Headset
  • Removable (QDC) Dual In-Ear Headset

Fixed Radio Model Connections:

  • APX Radio Adapter Cable
  • MBITR/PRC117/152 Radio Adapter Cable
  • XTS/MTS Radio Adapter Cable


  • World’s smallest and lightest tactical headset system
  • In-ear microphone for easy, clear comms
  • Hear-thru technology for full situational awareness
  • Supports single radio or both