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Sirchie 900LT Tacelite Epr Liquitac Riot Helmet

Sirchie 900LT Tacelite Epr Liquitac Riot Helmet


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The Premier Crown Model 900LT offers a liquid seal and a stable bracket face shield mounting system. It is engineered from the inside out for protection in the most abusive situations.

  • TacElite EPR™ polycarbonate alloy helmet shell.
  • EPS foam liner with sweat-wicking, antifungal and antimicrobial padded inner liner to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness.
  • Permanently mounted neck protector with Kydex® penetration shield and shock-absorbent foam pad.
  • LiquiTac™ Face Shield System — Our model 900 features an advanced face shield system designed to provide increased facial protection and a slim-line look. The LiquiTac™ system utilizes a lightweight, high-strength aluminum band to attach the face shield to our ratchet-type face shield brackets.
  • Optically clear, 0.15" (3.8 mm) thick polycarbonate face shield
  • Double D-ring fastener provides maximum strength and slip resistance.
  • Snap-on nape pad with Kydex® penetration shield, shock-absorbent foam pads, and chemical-resistant black Cordura® Cover.
  • Plastic chin cup for added comfort when the harness is tightened.
  • Weight (Model 900LT): 3.35 lbs. (1.52 Kg)
  • Weight (Model 900LTC): 4.15 lbs. (1.88 Kg)
  • Meets or exceeds NIJ Standard for Riot Helmets