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Sirchie Fingerprint Lifting Tape, 360 In.


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As their name implies, palm/cluster fingerprint lifting tapes are designed for lifting developed palm prints or cluster multiple) fingerprints. The tape is available in transparent or frosted and is pres sure-wound and heat-treated to eliminate imperfections and uneven adhesive. Available in two sizes, the tape is individually packaged in resealable plastic bags for dust protection

Choose the appropriate finish and size of the finest lifting tapes available–only by SIRCHIE®. All sizes and finishes are pressure wound, heat treated and “fish-eye” free. After lifting the powdered prints, the tape is easily mounted on rigid vinyl or coated paper backing sheets. 1" tapes are supplied in dust-free plastic bags while 1 1/2" and 2" tapes come in dust-free plastic jars. All sizes are wound on standard 1" cores to fit SIRCHIE® lifting tape dispensers.