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Sirchie Narcotics Analysis Reagent Kit

Sirchie Narcotics Analysis Reagent Kit


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The NARK is a field test kit that offers a screening of the most frequently abused drugs and narcotics. Reagents are packaged indisposable tube test unique, easy-to-handle system. Each individual reagent is sealed in a thin, glass ampoule ensuring freshness and eliminating cross-contamination with other reagents. The glass ampoules are secured at each end of the plastic better. The kit contains enough reagents to conduct 80 individual tests on a variety of drugs.

NAR100 is complete with:

  • 1 - NAR10001 Mayer's Reagent for Narcotics Alkaloids, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10002 Marquis Reagent for Opium Alkaloids, Amphetamines/Meth, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10003 Nitric Acid Reagent to differentiate between Heroin and Morphine, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10004 Cobalt Thiocyanate Reagent for Cocaine, Crack, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10005 Dille-Koppanyi Reagent for Barbiturates, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10006 Mandelin Reagent for Amphetamines, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10007 Ehrlich's Reagent for LSD, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10008 Duquenois Reagent for Marijuana, Hashish, and THC, Set of 10 Tests
  • 1 - NAR10010 Poly Bags, Set of 10
  • 1 - NAR10011 Acid Neutralizer
  • 1 - NAR10012 Black, Plastic, Copolymer Carrying Case, 8.5" x 5.5" x 3.1875"