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Sirchie Nark Ii 24-Pak Notebook Kits

Sirchie Nark Ii 24-Pak Notebook Kits


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The 24-Pak Narcotic Notebook Kit was designed specifically for those departments in need of a convenient way to incorporate presumptive test kits in the field. Rather than carry these tests loose and chance accidentally breaking them, this kit is made of hard black plastic with foam cutouts for 24 individual tests. A color chart showing the proper reactions is attached to the inside lid of the case. This kit contains the most common tests used for presumptively identifying drugs of abuse.

NARK24PAK includes:

  • 4 - NARK2001 Marquis Reagent (opium alkaloids)
  • 6 - NARK2005 Duquenois-Levine Reagent (marijuana)
  • 6 - NARK2007 Scott Reagent Modified (cocaine HCl/crack)
  • 4 - NARK20011 Mecke’s Reagent Modified (all heroin)
  • 4 - NARK20015 Sodium Nitroprusside Reagent (methamphetamine/MDMA)
  • 1 - NARK24PAKC Copolymer Case, Black, 12.5" x 10.25" x 1.25"