Soundoff Signal Pinnacle Mini Lightbar (Epl7000), Standard Permanent Mount W/12 Ft Cable For Hardwire Installation, Clear Dome


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Clear Dome/Amber LED
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Clear Dome/Red/Amber LED
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Pinnacle Mini Lightbar

Our new Pinnacle Series Lightbars feature our exclusive Fusion Technology optics. Fusion Technology fuses the wide angle and light output aspects for a super, wide angle output that blasts the light farther than any other light. The Pinnacle Mini Lightbar is perfect for volunteer fire & law enforcement vehicles and DOT/construction vehicles where a bright safety signal is required. Available in a Permanent or Magnetic Mount with 28 flash patterns. Lightbar has a Five Year No Hassle Warranty.

Benefits & Features:

  • NEW!High Permanent Mount model is designed for use on larger vehicles to elevate the lightbar for maximum visibility & increased safety
  • Designed with our exclusive Fusion Technology optics which blasts the LED light farther & wider than any other optics available
  • Low Permanent Mount
  • Magnetic Mount lightbar has 4 extra strong magnetic feet each with an 85 lb. pull each to prevent the bar from slipping or moving. Clear protective disks are supplied to cover the magnets to prevent scratching of the vehicle paint
  • Magnetic Mount includes a 12v cigar style plug with a 10 foot cord for easy installation