Streamlight Strion Usb Piggyback Charger Holder, Spare Battery And Cords Sold Separately


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 Doubles Run Time by Charging Both Flashlight and Spare Battery; Includes USB Port

Designed for the Strion® LED, Strion® LED HL and Strion® HPL, the Strion PiggyBack® Charger enables simultaneous charging of a Strion flashlight and a spare battery. It permits automotive, industrial, first responders and other professionals to keep working under darkened conditions, doubling a light’s runtime and increasing worker productivity.

Streamlight’s PiggyBack® charging system doubles the run time by charging both flashlight and spare battery. The Piggyback Charger Holder gives the security of having a fully charged spare battery at all times. The new, dual power input charging system permits charging through either AC/DC or USB power sources.

In addition to conventional AC/DC charging capability, the Strion PiggyBack charger features a USB port that enables charging on-the-go using a computer or other electronic device for added convenience. The chargers’ specially engineered micro-USB interface is specifically designed to guide the plug into place for a secure connection.