Tact Squad Locker Stocker


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Organization is the key for anyone looking to be good at the professional service they offer which is why the Locker Stocker is ideal for you. The Locker Stocker by Tact Squad has a range of pockets to keep all of your gear available to you and reduce any clutter within your work space. Your workmates will be jealous of you with this great locker organizer.

  • Measures 11" W x 53", Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Six pen pockets
  • One durable mirror
  • One cell phone pocket
  • One miscellaneous pocket
  • One heavy-duty clip for holding keys
  • One radio holder
  • One stinger flashlight holder
  • Two magazine pouches
  • One heavy-duty dot-snap handcuff holder
  • One large flashlight ring holder
  • One collapsible baton holder
  • Molle system behind flashlight ring for convenience
  • One large ticket book holder with hook & loop closure
  • One large well pocket at bottom to hold boots and shoes
  • Two heavy-duty clips at top to connect to locker