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Tat Jacket "Ike" Half Tattoo Sleeves

Tat Jacket "Ike" Half Tattoo Sleeves


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Ike Jacket 9" Half Sleeve for the Upper Arm or Lower Leg

  • 2 half sleeves per package.
  • Same fabric and design as the full sleeve, but in a half-length.
  • Cleanly covers the upper arm to the elbow. Or, can be positioned to cover to just below the elbow for 3/4 length tattoos.
  • Features include:
    • Smooth and concealed seams for a clean look.
    • Fabric blend has a matte finish, not shiny.
    • Non-slip gripper upper cuff so the sleeve stays put.
    • UPF 50 sun protection for your arms.
    • Protects your ink from fading and discoloration.
    • Protects your skin from harmful UV radiation.
  • Size Selection applies to men and women alike. These are very general conditions.
    • Medium: Height Range 4' 10" to 5' 9" Weight Range 100-180 lbs.
    • Large: Height Range 5' 10" to 6' 5" Weight Range 181-280 lbs.

Remember you can not make a wrong choice. If you order and they are not a perfect fit, we will exchange them for free. There are so many various body types and sizes it is difficult to account for all of them. However, with these 2 sizes, we have been able to comfortably fit just about everybody. The sleeves are made of a flexible and stretchable material similar to cycling shorts or dance tights. The sleeves will snug to the surface of your skin but should not constrict. If you are right between 2 sizes, always choose the larger size.