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Tat Jacket Tattoo Concealer, Blender Three Pack

Tat Jacket Tattoo Concealer, Blender Three Pack


Dark Tan-Medium Bronze-Dark Bronze
Light-Light Tan-Light Bronze
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Tattoo Concealer, Blender 3 Pack

  • For all skin types
  • Covers all tattoo types and colors
  • 1-step process for faster results
  • Retains elasticity (won’t crack or flake)
  • Resists rub-off
  • Water resistant
  • Cleans up with soap and water (no special removers required)
  • Made in America with top quality ingredients
  • Conceals tattoos, dark spots, Acne, Rosacia, blemishes, veins, and scars

Hiding your ink doesn’t have to be as big a commitment as getting a tattoo. TatJacket Tattoo Concealer makeup for light skin is an easy-to-apply tattoo concealer that disguises your ink completely in a single, simple step. With a reliable collection of blendable colors to complement and cover skin of every hue, the Tatjacket Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack 1 (which includes light, light tan, and light bronze shades) is water-resistant and won’t crack or flake under pressure. Ideal for everyday use and special occasions alike, there’s no special remover necessary, either. In fact, simple soap and water easily removes the product. Plus, the concealer works overtime to conceal dark spots, rosacea, blemishes, veins, acne and other skin imperfections. 

The concealer is available individually in all 6 shades. If you have not bought our concealers before or are not sure which color best suits your skin tone, please try our "Blender Packs". These are smaller sized jars in sample collections of 3 tones each.