Tempest Technology Ventmaster Fire Rescue Chainsaws

Tempest Technology Ventmaster Fire Rescue Chainsaws


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Powerful, dependable, easy to use, the Tempest Technology's VentMaster Fire Rescue Saws feature the Husqvarna powerheads and Tempest exclusive aftermarket parts, no other saw compares.

The Husqvarna has the most advanced power head available today.  With higher peak power and more torque, the VentMaster gives you maximum cutting power over a longer range than other chainsaws. No other chain is designed better for Fire/Rescue operations, ventilation, and forcible entry and RIT operations.

  • Combined choke/ throttle-lock/stop switch eliminates flooding
  • Fast, convenient, one-step starting
  • Raptor carbide-tipped chain gives you faster cuts, higher power, less maintenance and improved user productivity
  • Highest fuel economy in its class
  • An exclusive, air-injected, centrifugal-force air cleaning system eliminates the need for expensive, external filters
  • Preliminary Air Intake Cleaning rejects 97% of cutting residue and other airborne debris including drywall dust, concrete dust, smoke, and water spray
  • 16" or 20" blade
  • Side chain tensioning
  • Decompression valve for easy starting
  • Mitten-grip pull handle
  • "Always On For Sharing" kill switch
  • "Smart Start" choke
  • Lowest emissions(more...)