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Thermacell Outdoor Lantern, 12 Hours

Thermacell Outdoor Lantern, 12 Hours

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Mosquito Repellent Outdoor Lantern

The ThermaCELL® Outdoor Lantern(Camping Lantern) is an effective way to get rid of black fly and mosquito problems. These portable mosquito-repelling lanterns offer multiple features:

  • Protects against up to 98% of mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums
  • Shields a 15 x 15-foot area
  • Safe to use: no open flames, hot wax, or DEET
  • U.S. EPA approved
  • No smelly lotions, sprays, or oils on your skin—comfortable to use
  • Convenient: compact, portable, lightweight
  • Dual-function: Repels bugs and provides light
  • 8 LED lights have "low" and "high" illumination settings; lights operate on 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Rugged outdoor structure
  • A butane cartridge (included) heats an insect repellent mat and releases the repellent into the air
  • The repellent is a synthetic copy of a substance found in chrysanthemum flowers
  • Contains:
    • 1 reusable Mosquito Repellent Outdoor Lantern
    • 1 butane cartridge (lasts up to 12 hours)
    • 3 insect repellent mats (lasts up to 4 hours each)
  • Additional butane cartridges and insect repellent mat refills sold separately