Tri-Tech Synthetic Drug Test Kit For Spice, K2, K3, "Synthetic Marijuana", Bx/10


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This test is used for the presumptive identification of Synthetic Cannabinoids (NEW)

  • Break off the top with the plastic ampoule-breaker
  • Insert a small quantity of the suspected material
  • Stir the suspected substance with the supplied spatula
  • Hold the ampoule horizontally and compare the colour of the liquid with the colours mentioned below

When positive the color should be:

  • WH-018, JWH-073, JWH-081: Yellow Changing to Brown
  • JWH-200: Yellow
  • JWH-250: Orange/Brown
  • AM-694: Grey/Brown
  • CP-47,497: Darkblue, Fading Over Time
  • CP-55,940: Blue/Green, Fading Over Time

10 tests per pack

The Narcotic Field Tests are based on a new technologywith many advantages over the tests available in the market today.

The tests are evaluated by the NFSTC and are approved by the The Virginia Department of Forensic Science(DFS)