Triumph Systems Threat/No Threat Target


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The Triumph Systems Threat/No Threat Target was specifically designed to be used with the Pivotal Trainer.The design of the target includes various aspects that are great when honing your self-defense shooting skills. These include the Threat/No Threat silhouette which displays the Threat side holding a firearm and the NO Threat side holding a phone. Other features built into the target include vital organs, T-Zone, and Central Nervous System. This combination of designs greatly increases the range these targets can be utilized during training. Connect the target to the Pivotal Trainer at the top and bottom with either clips or tip ties. To make training more challenging and versatile, reduce the size of the target by folding along two perforated edges near the middle of the target and placing it in doorways or other tight spots. Each target comes individually wrapped with approx 200 marksmanship pasties.

Recommended for outdoor use.