Tru-Spec Camosystems Ultra-Lite Basic Series Netting

Tru-Spec Camosystems Ultra-Lite Basic Series Netting


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Over the years CamoSystems has developed a wide range of netting, suitable for all kinds of uses – tactical, hunting, wildlife watching, paint balling, or even just for shade or decoration. 5ive Star Gear carries their most popular sizes in the regular cut ultra-lite netting that provides maximum concealment in a lightweight version.;

  1. UV treated
  2. 100% waterproof materials that are rot/mold resistant
  3. Reversible green/brown color combinations
  4. 3D leaf like foliage
  5. Lightweight, strong and durable
  6. Quiet and rustle-free
  7. Treated to eliminate shine and glare
  8. Pliable in extreme temperature ranges
  9. Compacts easily
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