Tru-Spec Specialty Survival Cord

Tru-Spec Specialty Survival Cord


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This Technora® Survival Cord is the beefier big brother of our 450LB survival cord. Made from woven Technora®, it has an amazing breaking strength of over 950 lbs. and has a PTFE coating for protection from the elements. Technora® offers very high strength, low stretch, and abrasion-resistant material. Additionally, it’s coated with PTFE which provides both increased abrasion resistance and UV inhibition. This unique cord was originally developed for a US government agency to tether some sort of top secret airborne surveillance system. It is the strongest cord in the smallest package that will hold knots. This is a must-have for any survival kit.


  • A must have for any survival/emergency kit
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures, resists stretching and is flame resistant
  • Featuring a PTFE coating for UV and waterproof protection and increased abrasion resistance
  • 5SG5015 – 200LB Kevlar Rapid Deployment 60 Foot:
    • Each cord has an amazing 200lb. tensile strength that is unmatched by any other cord on the market
    • 60 feet with .036" diameter
  • 5SG5080 – 200LB Kevlar Survival Cord 25 Foot:
    • Each cord has an am(more...)