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Tufloc Weapon Rack And Mount, Muzzle Down


Backordered. Available to ship in 10-15 Days.

Tufloc offers the widest range of vehicle weapon racks available. Each vehicle rack provides secure storage and quick access. Weapon rack and mount, muzzle down.

  • High-strength steel rack
  • Powder-coated with a black finish for superior durability
  • Padded for exceptional weapon protection and rattle-free performance
  • With Tufloc electrical-mechanical lockheads, you can be certain your weapon stays put until you need it: Dual-release lock, which holds the weapon in place, can only be accessed with a key or by using the 8-second-delay electric timer
  • NOTE: Racks are shown securing a shotgun, but Tufloc racks are available for all weapon types
  • Please specifiy weapon
  • Specify vehicle year, make and model when ordering
  • Handcuff key, tubular key, keyed alike or keyed differently