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Tufloc Weapon Rack & Mount, Floor Mount With Hand Cuff Key

Tufloc Weapon Rack & Mount, Floor Mount With Hand Cuff Key


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Tufloc Floor Mount Weapon Rack

Tufloc offers the widest range of Vehicle Gun Racks available each gun rack providing secure storage and quick access. The high-strength steel gun racks are powder-coated with a black finish and are padded for gun protection and rattle-free performance.

Choose from Roll Bar, Screen or Universal Mount, Overhead Weapon Racks, Single or Two-Gun Between the Seats Weapon Racks, Horizontal or Muzzle Down Floor Model Weapon Racks as well as a Truck Mount Weapon Rack.

Featuring the Tufloc Electrical-Mechanical Lockhead

Safety and security are emphasized in the design of the Tufloc electric lock with independent key backup. The dual-release lock, which holds the gun in place, can be accessed with a key or by using the electric 8-second delay timer. The lock head can be keyed with a tubular or handcuff key.

Racks are shown securing a shotgun.
Tufloc racks are available for ALL gun types.