Uncle Mike's Pro-3 Slimline Duty Holster

Uncle Mike's Pro-3 Slimline Duty Holster


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With Uncle Mike's Pro-3 triple retention duty holster, a patented internal locking device safely holds your weapon without complicated snaps and straps. Resists snatching from front, rear, side or top, even with retention strap unsnapped. Yet, it's easy to draw with a natural step upward fluid motion.

  • Toughness, durability and light weight of nylon
  • Holster body Sidekick laminate Cordura " foam padding and smooth nylon lining
  • Body of holster suspended within a thermo-plastic exoskeleton for strength and rigidity
  • Non-stretch retention strap and molded thumb break stay open for EZ reholstering
  • Molded sight track protects front sight and protects holster from wear
  • External hardware is blackened stainless steel
  • Specify gun make and model
  • Level III
  • Right or left-hand models available
  • Finish: Cordura Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Fits available for weapon models including:
  • Beretta S&W .40
  • Beretta S&W .45
  • Glock 17 19 22 23