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V H Blackinton St. Florian Challenge Coin

V H Blackinton St. Florian Challenge Coin


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Challenge Coins are mementos that give personnel pride and affinity for his or her agency or department. The story goes that long ago in Europe, a person was saved from a fire by invoking the name of St. Florian. Ever since, St. Florian has been regarded as the patron saint of the Fire Service and Firefighters. Blackinton's St. Florian Challenge Coin commemorates firefighters, their courage and their spirit of teamwork in this bold golden Challenge Coin. Front of coin shows St. Florian and a firefighter fighting a fire side by side, surrounded by gold lettering that says "Saint Florian, Patron Saint of Firefighters".

  • Back of coin has black blackground and rim of "Fireman's Prayer" in gold lettering, along with the text of the prayer in the center seal:

    "Lord, give me the courage to face and conquer all my fears, the strength of body and spirit to help all those in need, and Lord, protect me always"

  • Also known as commemorative coins or memorial coins, challenge coins are perfect for milestone gifts, commemorative gifts or other remembrances or commendations
  • Deep relief and embossing
  • Solid, hefty feeling
  • Challenge coins often become heirlooms, passing from one generation to the next
  • Brass/Gold plate
  • Diameter: 1-3/4"